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Getting Started

  1. 1.Go to the YC Startup Directory
  2. 2.Filter for the companies you want
  3. 3.Copy the URL of the filtered YC Startup Directory page and paste it in the YCRM search bar
  4. 4.Search to preview the companies' contact information
  5. 5. Download the companies' information and plug it into the CRM of your choice!

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Y Combinator founders are an open, forward-thinking group of individuals. They are incredibly receptive to new ideas and empathetic to new entrepreneurs. In many ways, they are the ideal early product partners, buyers, and research participants. This was the motivation for creating. It's important that we treat them with an equal amount of respect. Please do not use this tool to spam YC founders with irrelevant emails. Write thoughtful, targeted emails, and the YC community will be receptive to your outreach.

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