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Analytics stack for omnichannel retailers and brands


San Francisco, CA, USA
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B2B, Retail
42 is an end-to-end analytics stack for DTC and wholesale brands. Our platform shows you the right insights and data, anytime you need them: - Hundreds of built-in metrics across Stores, eComm, Wholesale, or any other channel - See all your sales, stock and customer in one report, with images - Accurate cost, markdown and promo reporting - Get answers in real-time, during your buyer / supplier meetings - Get your store managers to use data, we've seen 10% margin increases from this - Actually know how much stock you have. We're more than just a dashboard... - No infrastructure needed. We do the hosting and maintenance. - No integrations (for you). We do the heavy-lifting and get your data into 42 - For brands, we work with all the major retailers (via xlsx, portals or EDI) - For retailers, we can be your vendor portal - We integrate with any system - We work with you to tailor the analytics according to your products and naming Our customers include AllSaints, Frasers Group, Incipio Group, Bandier, Deconic... and way more. If you want to learn more about what we do, head over to our website: 42technologies.com ... or go to any AllSaints store and ask a store manager :)


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Nick Porter