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A medical record system for digital health companies.


Remote / Austin, TX, USA
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Healthcare, Healthcare IT
Akute Health makes an electronic medical record (EMR) system used by digital health companies to track patients. Our EMR is a web app used daily by clinical teams at digital health companies similar to Ro, Hims, and One Medical. In 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer and spent 9 months in the hospital. While in the hospital, I built an app to track my own records. I needed something that was simple to use and allowed me to easily track & trend different types of data. I later turned that app into a full medical record system. We now have over 40 customers and 20k patient records. We've also grown revenue 4x this year and have continued net negative churn. One of our customers has raised over $100M and as they grow, we will grow with them. We are building the de facto EMR for digital health companies.


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Sharud Agarwal