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Reservable electric vehicle charging


Cupertino, CA, USA / Cupertino, CA, USA
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Consumer, Home and Personal
90% of electric vehicle charging happen at home. That's not only because current early adopters have the luxury of space and resources to have home charging, it's also that people are avoiding public charging intentionally. Public charging is fragmented with too many networks each requiring their own way to access AND there's no way to guarantee a spot, so you find yourself hustling like a startup founder just to charge your car. ampUp has built a smart scheduling service that enables ad hoc and reserved charging on any charger; whether it's a home charger on a private driveway or chargers part of a public network. We aggregate all this info in the ampUp mobile app for EV drivers to easily access and anyone or entity that wants to share their chargers with the neighborhood. ampUp with its hardware partners also provide a small community charging solution that's a mini version of ampUp. Chargers can have dynamic access and charging rate and all the data are for the customer to see and keep.


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Thomas Sun