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Austin, TX, USA
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Healthcare, Healthcare IT
US hospitals and clinics are losing $125B every year due to delayed and inaccurate medical coding. Arintra is solving this problem by automating medical coding using AI and clinical NLP. Arintra converts a patient chart instantly into insurance claims with 96% accurate medical codes and zero human intervention. Arintra has processed more than 1.63 million claims this year across its 20+ provider clients that includes health systems and large physician groups. Through automation of these charts, Arintra has reduced undercoding by 11% and coding-related claim denials by 43%. Arintra is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Arintra is bi-directionally integrated with leading EHRs including Epic, Cerner, etc. to process patient charts directly from the EHR to create a direct-to-billing claim. This direct-to-billing claim includes precise E/M levels, CPT, ICD-10, HCC, HCPCS codes with appropriate modifiers and units. Both founders have PhDs in AI, significant ML and NLP experience, 60+ patents and publications, and a combined 20+ years of experience working at B2B companies and startups in Silicon Valley.


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Nitesh Shroff
Preeti Bhargava, PhD