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Arpeggio builds technology to watch and learn how drugs work. Our…


Boulder, CO, USA
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Healthcare, Drug Discovery and Delivery
Arpeggio builds technology to watch and learn how drugs work using the epigenome. Scientists have been measuring gene activity in our cells for over twenty years now, but it’s remained a mystery how diseases are able to turn certain genes on or off. Breast cancer, for example, is driven by 198 genes being activated when they shouldn’t be, and we don’t know why. But that’s about to change. Just a few years ago, biologists discovered new molecules that turn genes on and off. Collectively, these molecules are known as the “epigenome,” and they’re the control switches that determine how our cells work and give rise to disease. At Arpeggio, we’ve developed a platform of biological and computational tools that make it possible to record changes in the epigenome over time and watch the results like a movie to see how drugs work. This gives scientists a clear understanding of how drugs and diseases function and has enabled our customers – including four of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world – to match the right treatments to the right patients, screen new compounds, and reposition existing drugs into new indications.


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Joey Azofeifa