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The easiest way to manage your analytics releases


San Francisco, CA, USA / Remote
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B2B Software and Services, Analytics
Avo is the self-serve analytics governance that saves teams like Patreon and Rappi hundreds of thousands of $ every year, by making every analytics release better, faster, and easier. Start your step-by-step path to settle your analytics debt: Step 1: Better tracking plan management. Avo is a better alternative to the "tracking plan spreadsheet", keeping your data quality high and your schema sync'd with all downstream tools. Import your tracking plan for an instant audit, then design more scalable data for every feature release, even before you're an expert. Step 2: Better data validation. Avo is ongoing observability of actual tracking compared with tracking plan. One-time install the Avo Inspector SDK to see what's wrong with your tracking today so you can start making it better. Step 3: Better analytics workflow. Avo is the self-serve analytics governance, changing how PMs, devs and data scientists collaborate to plan, implement and verify their product analytics. What used to take Patreon 1-4 days for every feature release, now takes 30-60 minutes.


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Stefania Olafsdottir
Solvi Logason