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The marketplace for wood manufacturing


Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
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B2B, Engineering, Product and Design
Look around you - everything you see that was made with wood a designer conceived and then a woodworker has made. Most of the time, something went painfully wrong. 60% of the $1.4T global woodworking market is serviced by small businesses with inefficient, manual processes - Cutr is digitising their workflow. This market is massive, chaotic and surprisingly manual. Woodworkers are mostly offline, hard to find and even harder to vet. They need help with critical back-of-house jobs like quoting and capacity planning. Customers have no idea where to find them and need help asking the right questions & providing the right info to get their job produced correctly. Cutr solves discovery, pricing, payments and workflow for the woodworking market. Our users simply upload a file, accept an instant quote, and get their parts delivered. To make that possible we do the heavy lifting: filechecks, automated quoting, matchmaking, creating job packages, tracking changes & updates, logistics and payments. Cutr saves time, cuts costs and ensures quality with a smooth workflow.


A list of all active founders
Oscar Peppitt
Rodny Heemskerk
Associate Partner
Jasper Mittelmeijer
Executive Creative Director