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Workspaces on demand, paid by the minute.


Singapore, Singapore / Remote
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B2B, Office Management
Join the hybrid work revolution! Find professional workspaces near your home and escape the home office without wasting time on commuting. Deskimo connects the hybrid corporate workforce with quality workspaces all over Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UAE. 1) Deskimo is an asset-light extension of a corporate office Most companies are looking to downsize their office leases and move to a hybrid work model to save costs and provide employees greater flexibility post pandemic. 2) Deskimo is an instant access pass to all workspaces One tap in the Deskimo app generates a QR code, which gets scanned at the front desk to check in and check out. No memberships, no registrations, no long-term commitments needed. 3) The hybrid work revolution is only getting started Employees have no intention to go back to the office 5 days / week post pandemic. This will transform the way companies manage their hybrid workforce and decentralized workplace. Deskimo is at the center of this transformation.


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Christian Mischler
Raphael Cohen
MD Vietnam