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AWS Without Pain — Deploy, Preview, Scale Without Any DevOps


Remote / Dayton, OH, USA
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B2B Software and Services, Infrastructure
Flightcontrol makes it easy for developers to deploy scalable, secure applications without any devops. We are growing quickly because Brandon created Blitz.js, an open-source Javascript framework with 11,000 Github Stars, and Flightcontrol is a solution to the problems Blitz users were experiencing. Brandon and Mina both have engineering degrees, and are building Flightcontrol to solve those same problems we personally experienced as consultants. We discovered AWS is built for low-level developers who want maximum performance and control, and Heroku was built as an easy solution for developers who didn’t need that control. 15 years later, there’s now a large segment of developers who do want maximum performance and control but without the difficulty of AWS. Flightcontrol solves this by providing a layer on top of AWS that makes it very easy to use and let’s them pop the hood leverage the raw power of AWS. Because of this new approach, users have migrated their production apps to Flightcontrol from Heroku, Render, Vercel, and existing AWS setups they previously spent weeks building. Investors are Soma Capital, Global Founders Capital, Rebel Fund, Active Capital, and Sovereign Capital. Other investors include Matt Biilmann (Netlify), Doron Sherman (VP of DevRel, Cloudinary), and Randall Kent (Cypress.io).


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Mina Abadir
Web & Cloud Consultant
Brandon Bayer