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San Francisco, CA, USA / Mumbai, MH, India
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B2B Software and Services, Retail
Fountain9 is a predictive inventory planning solution. We help food brands and retailers reduce food wastage and improve product availability by predicting their future inventory needs. Food wastage is a global problem that has both financial and environmental costs. An estimated $1.3 Bn tonnes of food is wasted every year and 7 - 15% of that is because of mismanaged inventory. We accurately predict future inventory imbalances which lead to out of stock situations or wastage, and also recommends best ways of minimising their impact. Our state of the art demand sensing and pricing engine takes into account several factors like historical sales trends, seasonality, holidays, markdown events and pricing changes to predict future inventory requirements and optimize prices. Predicted inventory demand is also aligned with supply side data to identify ideal suppliers and replenishment quantities that minimize chances of stock outs or inventory wastage.


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Niki Khokale
Rajas Lonkar