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Green Canopy NODE builds sustainable homes fast.


Seattle, WA, USA
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Real Estate and Construction, Housing and Real Estate
Construction costs are climbing out of control, there is a declining construction workforce that gets smaller with every recession. Meanwhile, we’ve got a housing crisis in our major cities. Green Canopy NODE is the combination of NODE - construction technology start up that develops a house assembly kits that we manufacture in our factory in Seattle, and then ship flat-pack - like Ikea, and Green Canopy a vertically integrated developer, general contractor and real estate fund manager already operating in Seattle and Portland. We are continuing to develop and launch construction technology solutions including prefab components and software into our pipeline of residential projects ranging from small apartments, town houses, single family homes and small dwellings. Our mission is to build homes, relationships, and businesses that help regenerate communities and environments.


A list of all active founders
Don Bunnell
(2003); and former CEO, Chief Comercial Officer and Director
Bec Wilder
Sustainability Cohort