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The Shopify for the hotel industry.


Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico / Mountain View, CA, USA / Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico / Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia / Remote
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Fintech, Payments
GuruHotel is Shopify for the hotel industry. Independent hotels use our software to rebuild their hotel website, drive more direct bookings from online travel agencies (OTAs), and generate 30% more revenue. We have decades of experience building products and leading companies in the hotel industry, including founding and selling LastRoom, the HotelTonight for LATAM. That’s where we learned that 73% of people who find a hotel room on Booking.com or Expedia also check the hotel website to see if the price is cheaper. Independent hotels are missing these opportunities because they haven’t figured out that they should offer extras, discounts, and better user experience in order to drive bookings on their websites to avoid paying 15-25% commissions to OTAs. We help them automate all of this. Why now - Shopify did this for e-commerce allowing them to pull their content from Amazon - we will do this for hotels allowing them to gain freedom from Booking and Expedia.


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Josue Gio
Stiven Martinez