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Virtual Lab Managers for scientists and biotech, research Labs


Chicago, IL, USA
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Healthcare, Healthcare Services
We're a SaaS company with emphasis on Service, and we have a mission: to improve the happiness of scientists and the quality of their research. HappiLabs provides a service called the Virtual Lab Manager. We offer PhD level, former scientists to help with safety and regulatory, product research, lab shopping, negotiating, purchasing, inventory, and bookkeeping. Our software tools, such as the ETA Dashboard and the HappiApp, make it easy to request purchases, manage inventory, and check-in packages upon delivery. HappiLabs also has one of the most extensive databases of product prices. These tools, and experienced humans, make us the smartest lab managers in the world. Another way to think of us is an outsourced purchasing department and/or a personal assistant for your scientists. Based in Chicago, and some presence in San Francisco. If you're a newly funded PI, a startup, small biotech, or work with purchasing as a big pharma/biotech, you can use our help.


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Tom Ruginis