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Pave for India to Benchmark Compensation & Predict Offer Declines


Bengaluru, KA, India
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B2B Software and Services, Human Resources
With over 500M white-collared job offers rolled out annually, companies find it very difficult to be certain about what to offer. Companies rely on old compensation survey data, which are updated only once every year. The salary expectations of candidates in the market change significantly on a quarterly basis (~7% statistically) in the startup ecosystem. This results in more than 50% of qualified/selected candidates not joining the company due to expectation mismatch. HireSure.ai is an API-driven compensation benchmarking tool. We integrate with your existing HR/payroll systems, removing the need for manual data entry, and also getting updated in real-time. HireSure.ai provides the most accurate real-time compensation benchmarking data which helps you make the right offer to the candidate. The platform allows you to communicate your offer to the candidate in the most presentable and engaging manner. It also uses behavior signals to predict a potential dropout in order to make course-correction to retain them. This has the following advantages : - All the process of compensation data submission is automatic and needs no manual intervention - Since the job market is dynamic in nature, the offers made on HireSure.ai’s real-time benchmarks would be the most efficient - The presentation of the offer to the candidate makes it look more appealing and explanatory to the candidate - Predicting a potential dropout help companies put focused efforts into retaining the candidate


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Anurag Dixit
Ramesh Konatham
Anshul Mishra