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Humand creates digital communities for companies


San Francisco, CA, USA / Remote
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B2B, Human Resources
Humand transforms how companies digitize their internal communication, culture, and HR processes within one user-friendly app. As a result, Humand provides every company with a digital Community to centralize every company-employee interaction. Humand's digital Communities are powerful, customizable and easily adapt to the needs of every company, no matter the industry, size or region. Companies that implement Humand benefit from the following suite of Mini Apps, which are getting smarter thanks to the power of AI: + Forms & Smart Workflows 📋 + Internal Social Network ❤️ + Chat 💬 + Time Off 🏝 + Magazine 📰 + Surveys 📊 + Smart Intranet 📲 + Kudos 👏🏻 + Learning 📚 + Onboarding 🎉 + Org chart 👥 + Company Files and Employee Documents 📂 + Perks & Benefits 🥂 + Birthdays & Work Anniversaries 🥳 + Employee Development 🥇 + Electronic Signature ✍🏻 + Smart Tickets 📧 + Marketplace 🛍 + Calendar & Events 📆 + Agenda 🔎 + Integrations 🔗 More than 130 companies use Humand. Implemented by ArcelorMittal (biggest steel producer in the world), Tenaris (global leader in steel pipes production), NSG group (among the biggest glass producers in the world), and many other organizations across different countries. Humand enables all workers, particularly those without direct access to a computer at their desks, to stay connected with their company anywhere, anytime. Humand enhances internal communication speed, streamline information flow between collaborators, and enable instant, targeted reach to all employees with push notifications tailored to their needs. Companies that adopt a digital Community powered by Humand experience an enriched work environment, heightened employee camaraderie, and a surge in productivity, all contributing to a thriving and connected workforce.


A list of all active founders
Nicolas Benenzon
Geronimo Maspero