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Avatar-based Social App for young Indians to meet new people


Remote / Bengaluru, KA, India
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Consumer, Social
HumBee is an avatar-based Social App for young Indians to meet new people. It’s a safe and secure place to discover new people. India has a vibrant young population. Gen-Z wants to meet and discover new and interesting people. The only option right now is to join a dating platform. However, many youngsters, especially women are not comfortable joining dating platforms because of privacy concerns, stalkers and societal judgement. HumBee is an avatar based social app where you can match and chat with interesting people near you without revealing your real identity. If you hit it off, you have the option of revealing yourself. HumBee is a place where you can chat with interesting people based on your personality, Youtube activity, interests and passions. We are building a new age social network for the Indian social context. Our unique concept provides a social platform that is private, safe and fun. We launched in September and have already acquired over 20k users organically. We have a rating of 5 on the Play Store. We are going after 300m+ young Indians who are online with potential for further expansion in similar societies like the Middle East and South East Asia. Our vision is to build a pseudonymous social network where people can meet, vibe and find a deep connection with one another. A network that is private, safe and fun for everyone. You can checkout HumBee on the Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.humbeeapp


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Jhansi Elango
Vivek Nautiyal