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Avatar platform for AI Companions & VTubers


San Francisco, CA, USA / San Francisco, CA, USA
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Consumer, Social
We're here to build the next Disney by letting anyone build their own. Hyper is an early stage startup with a mission to build the largest avatar platform in the world. We're starting by targeting consumer use-cases, and our first one is VTubing. Avatar content (also known as VTubing) has broken into the multi-billion-view-per-month category on places like Twitch and YouTube. This has given a new group of people the power to tell stories and present themselves on their own terms online while also protecting their IRL identities. Our goal is to build the largest platform tools for this new movement. We're now the #1 US VTubing app on iOS, and have recently released an AI platform where people can make their own characters for storytelling, motivation, and digital friendship. We also recently announced our seed funding: we're backed by Amazon, MakersFund, YCombinator, and more great investors. App Store: https://hyper.online/download AI platform: https://blog.hyper.online/guides/hyper-ai-guide TechCrunch: https://techcrunch.com/2023/06/12/hyper-raises-3-6m-from-amazon-and-more-for-its-iphone-based-vtuber-friendly-avatar-platform/


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Aaron Ng