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Jenfi provides revenue-based financing for digital businesses in Asia


Singapore, Singapore
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Fintech, Credit and Lending
We back growing digital businesses using revenue based financing. Many of growing businesses in Asia are highly "bankable" yet 50-70% are unable to obtain capital to grow their business. Having been business owners ourselves, we experienced firsthand the struggles of funding a business - from expensive equity options to loans that required personal guarantees. We went live in Singapore first to validate the product/market fit. We plan to expand across the APAC region.. Our sweet spot is backing repeatable business spend - expenses that leads to increased revenue. Our financing product allows businesses to keep growing with us over time. Over a third of our advances today are from repeat borrowers. We created a brand new asset class in Asia - offering flexible repayment options, such as tieing repayment with sales. Business owners LOVE this. Our automated financial technology platform ingests revenue and alternative data sources that gives us a proprietary edge in understanding the behavior of our borrowers. As we collect continuous data, we are able to offer better financial and technology solutions, while mitigating our downside risk. Funds are seamlessly deployed via our virtual Jenfi Wallet and MasterCard solution, giving borrowers flexibility to make payments while giving Jenfi real-time tracking of their spend. Recent coverage: https://techcrunch.com/2020/02/03/jenfi-wants-to-solve-small-business-lending-in-southeast-asia/


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