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Gamified metaverse for live online classes


Remote / San Francisco, CA, USA
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Consumer, Gaming
Koala is an all-in-one platform for online tutors to successfully run their business. 😫 The problem For 30 million online tutors worldwide, the #1 pain point is: Students’ Zoom boredom. Because a bored student is a customer who won’t stay long. 😎 The solution We built a gamified metaverse for online tutors to teach kids online. 80,000 classes later, it’s clear that kids love this metaverse and beg their parents for more classes. This translates into higher retention and more business for tutors who use Koala instead of Zoom. 💰 Monetization With a premium subscription, tutors unlock additional tools to grow their business. And when parents pay tutors through our platform, we take 5%. 📈 Market In 2021, parents paid $166B to online tutors. A startup in exactly our space, Outschool, is worth $3B, 5 years after YC.
 In 10 years, every live online class will happen in Koala. We've closed our seed round shortly after YC demo day and are currently laser-focused on product and growth. 😊


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Xavier Lesage Moretti
Benjamin Roux