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We at Leena AI build a virtual assistant that answers employee's HR…


New Delhi, DL, India
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B2B Software and Services, Human Resources
HR professionals spend 50% of their time answering employees' questions. It’s even worse on the employee side, they have to wait for a long time for simple answers. In the last 12 months we have been growing 40% MoM & are currently doing more thank $1mn in ARR. We’re profitable. We are live with 50 customers like Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has been using us in multiple countries & spreading our product internally across more geographies. Leena AI consumes company’s HR information & starts answering all HR questions just like a human would. It can even answer complex personalized questions like Why is my salary less this month?. Employees can access Leena AI from commonly used UIs like Outlook or Slack. This is a global opportunity. Our target market is companies with more than 1000 employees. There are 120M employees in our target market. We currently charge $25/employee/year in subscription which brings us to a total market of $3B. The founding team consists of IIT Delhi graduates.


A list of all active founders
Mayank Goyal
Adit Jain
Anand Kumar Prajapati