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Modern & comprehensive health insurance plan for employees in India


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Loop Health is a new type of healthcare provider in India combining high-quality primary care and insurance for employers. Employees get unlimited primary care visits at our asset-light clinics, alongside traditional hospitalization insurance. During YC, we grew from 0 to $85,000 ARR with 200% MoM growth. We serve 22 companies and 5500 members across Pune. Employers pay us $15/member/year and we make an additional $25 on prescriptions, lab tests, and hospitalization referrals. Our total gross margins are 70%. 200MM Indians are covered with employer-funded health insurance, representing a $8 billion dollar market opportunity, growing at 27% CAGR. Indian employers are dissatisfied with their health benefits today because insurance in India only covers hospital stays, not doctor visits – and only 8% of their employees will ever use the benefit in the year. With Loop, employers can offer a more engaging health benefit that includes doctor visits and telemedicine, alongside traditional hospital coverage, for about the same price. Because their employees have better access to doctors, we can also offer lower insurance premiums.


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