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Enabling insurers with medical underwriting suite


Bengaluru, KA, India / Bengaluru, KA, India
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Healthcare, Healthcare IT
MedPiper is on a mission to build modern healthcare infrastructure to deliver personalized care and improve health outcomes. Our Philosophy: 1. Hyper-personalisation is the future. 2. User experience in healthcare is flawed. 3. Service providers (not just doctors) should care about health outcomes. We believe there are two kinds of industries that are ripe for disruption: the first is where there is an opportunity to reform, it's not user-friendly, and there is a distinct lack of trust. The second is where there are a lot of uneven profit margins being distributed, where a few companies are making a lot of money, they have high-profit margins and yet, customers are unhappy. Healthcare in India, unfortunately, belongs to both of these buckets. And this is the reason why there are many new venture-funded companies trying to bring reform to this sector using various attack vectors. There are three reasons why we feel healthcare in India is ripe for disruption: 1. Size: Over 200B is lost in income every year because of NCD-related loss in productivity. 2. Efficiency: The industry is inefficient and has built-in redundancies. 3. Experience: Other industries have become responsive and consumer-focused (Retail>E-Commerce) whereas healthcare has always lagged behind. The way healthcare is being delivered is changing, with patients treated less often in hospitals and more as outpatients, while payers are moving towards a system that reimburses providers for helping reduce the cost of care overall. At Medpiper, we are working with insurance companies to build a platform where end users can access healthcare goods and services and meaningfully connect with the local brick-and-mortar healthcare vendors by being a one-stop shop for everything from telehealth and diagnostics, chronic disease management to medical devices and actual drug supplies. Our aim is to improve long-term population health outcomes by providing personalized healthcare and a seamless user experience while at the same time maintaining quality and price transparency.


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Nitthin Chandran Nair
Pranay Suyash