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Pinduoduo of India


Bengaluru, KA, India
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Consumer, Apparel and Cosmetics
Mela is the Pinduoduo of India. A group shopping app where people can shop together with their friends on WhatsApp and Facebook and get huge discounts. Remember when your first Flipkart order arrived? You went through hundreds of products in their website, chose one that you liked, mostly cheaper than you could have gotten it in any offline shop (if it was available in an offline shop that is), and it shows up at your door. Remember that delight? There are 800 million Indians who are yet to experience that. So far, eCommerce in India has been only making inroads in the top income decile of the population. The price points for most products in eCommerce sites are largely out of bounds for the majority Indian population. There was no economically feasible way to sell low priced goods (think 200Rs shirt) to the rest of the population over internet. With WhatsApp and Facebook, group buying is just a click away. And because we can accumulate a large amount of orders for the same product this way, the prices go down significantly. Making it finally possible to sell a 200Rs shirt online and still have a positive unit economics. THIS is how we think eCommerce will be made accessible to majority of Indians. This is how Pinduoduo democratized eCommerce for the less affluent in China.They are the fastest growing eCommerce company in the world, IPOing in a record three year time,They are already the second largest eCommerce player in China (launched only in 2015). We believe it’ll be bigger in India, because Indians are more price sensitive and socially connected (Just imagine the number of people in an Indian wedding) Most of our target customers will make their first online purchase at Mela. Join us and you'll help us shape the future of commerce in India.


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Shubham Agrawal
Dhilbar Roshan