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Manufacturing modular electric vehicles with style


New York, NY, USA
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Industrials, Automotive
Olympian Motors is an electric vehicle company, based in New York. We are manufacturing electric vehicles with our innovative 'modular' vehicle & drivetrain architecture (MVDS), providing Olympian with strong cost and lead-time advantages compared to legacy automakers like Tesla and Ford. Olympian is disrupting 120+ years old automotive industry and targeting to capture 7% market share in the U.S. automotive market by 2030. We changed the status-quo in automotive design, and bring aesthetic, color, experience and minimalism back to the cars. Olympian MVDS has a 'Lego-like' architecture and built on 4-core-hardware and 2-software modules. We achieved 80% reduction in tooling & machinery costs and built ~60% faster production lead time. We aim to reinvent the car manufacturing and bringing agility, speed and cost-efficiency back to the U.S. automotive industry. + Received 214 pre-orders for Olympian Model O1 ($17M+ pre-booked revenue) + Started manufacturing our EVs in Brooklyn & Detroit facilities. 2023 capacity: 320 vehicles + Pending traffic approval from NHTSA + Modular vehicle/drivetrain + Modular manufacturing: 4-hardware + 1-sofware modules. ~60% faster production lead time. 80% reduction in tooling, fitment and labor expenses. + Commercial Launch in Q3/2023. Unlike other EV companies, we don't waste time/resources. (It took 9+ years for Lucid and 11+ years for Rivian to make their first shipment). + Super-competitive battery efficiency in urban areas (Olympian early prototypes achieved slightly better miles/kwh efficiency than Tesla Model 3 and Rivian). + Carbon-sequestered and recyclable materials for +4% of vehicle components. Olympian rejects today's commoditized and banal car experience. + We challenge the status-quo in automotive. + We prioritize aesthetic, nature and minimalism. + We use steel and wood in Olympian cars rather than not cheap plastic and toxic chemicals. + We have minimalistic cockpit, powered by Olympian Operating System (OOS)


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Jasmine Sungu
Eren Canarslan