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Minimalistic electric vehicles with a decentralized production model


New York, NY, USA
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Industrials, Automotive
Olympian Motors is a disruptive electric vehicle company. We are building minimalistic Electric Vehicles, based on a super-modular drivetrain/electronics architecture, combined with a new decentralized manufacturing model. • Received 182 pre-orders for Olympian Model O1 ($16M+ pre-booked revenue) • Disruptive, super-modular EV architecture: We simplified drivetrain & vehicle electronics, and reduced the semiconductor/ECU complexity, and developed proprietary magnetic blocks to simplify car assembly process. • Decentralized production model: Olympian designed a novel production model that allows decentralized-localized manufacturing of Olympian vehicles across the U.S. Olympian's production lead time is 70% shorter than legacy automakers. We minimized costly hardware, tooling, fitment and labor expenses. • Rapid go-to-market: We aim to deliver the first Olympian O1 EVs by Q4/2022. We don't waste time and resources, unlike other EV companies. (It took 9+ years for Lucid and 11+ years for Rivian to make their first commercial shipment). • Very competitive battery efficiency in urban areas (Olympian early prototypes achieved slightly better miles/kwh efficiency than Tesla Model 3 and Rivian). • We use carbon-sequestered and recyclable materials for +7% of vehicle components. At Olympian, we prioritize: - Minimalism - Aesthetics - Simplified cockpit and infotainment system - Recyclable and carbon-sequestered materials We aim to change today’s standardized and banal car experience, minimalize the design, simplify driver UX and over-complicated dashboard. Olympian Motors will create a new ‘experience-first’ consumer segment in the automotive. Minimalistic. Aesthetic. Electric. Refined.


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Eren Canarslan
Jasmine Sungu