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Opt out software that removes your private info from the internet


Remote / Walnut Creek, CA, USA / Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District, Israel
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Consumer, Home and Personal
Optery is automated opt out software. With Optery, you can remove yourself from hundreds of data brokers that are posting and selling your home address, phone number, email and other private information on the internet. Optery prevents phishing and social engineering, identity theft and fraud, online stalking and harassment, doxxing, and prevents people's private information from showing up in Google search results. Anyone can create a free account to receive a personalized Exposure Report with live screenshots summarizing where your information is being posted and sold online. Optery then provides free tools for self-service removals, or you can upgrade to a paid plan, and Optery will remove the profiles for you. Optery serves both consumers and businesses, and was awarded"Editors' Choice" by PCMag.com as the most outstanding product in its category.


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Chen Atlas
Lawrence Gentilello
Board Director