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Low-code data modeling and orchestration --- a new kind of data OS


San Francisco, CA, USA / Remote
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B2B Software and Services, Analytics
Patterns is a new type of data operating system that encourages rapid prototyping, creative problem solving, and sharing of solutions to everyday data problems. It lets users integrate their data sources, build clean data models, and then analyze and automate their entire business on one platform, all powered by open-source Python and SQL components that can be forked and customized. Instead of providing a specific solution to a narrow type of problem, Patterns provides building blocks that can be used to solve any data problem. These building blocks are a complete toolkit that abstract over cloud infrastructure to provide a set of primitives that developers can use to build powerful applications, without the pain of managing the underlying infrastructure. We combine this powerful toolkit with a web-based IDE so that you can prototype and deploy production applications from a single tool — removing friction, improving accessibility, and spawning collaboration so that everyone on the data team is a stakeholder.


A list of all active founders
Chris Stanley
Ken Van Haren