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We make carbon negative chemicals from CO2 using fermentation


Remote / Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
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Industrials, Climate
Phase Biolabs is a synthetic biology company building fermentation technology to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into carbon-negative solvents, a $10B market for the pharma, cosmetic, and paints industries. What we are building can also be referred to as carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) or carbon recycling/upcycling, and helps decarbonisation on two fronts. We enable large scale emitters monetise their waste CO2, while also delivering carbon negative chemicals to downstream users. Products made using carbon negative chemicals (95% of products need chemicals) create a positive climate impact by removing CO2 from the environment. The company is founded by David Ortega, a industrial biotechnologist with a PhD in synthetic biology. To date we have industrial brewers from the EU and the UK signed up for pilots and LOIs for the purchase of $1.5M of carbon negative solvents per year.


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David Ortega