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Scandinavian investment app for GenZ


Copenhagen, Denmark / Remote
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Financial Technology, Asset Management
As investing is being democratised, it is also becoming increasingly social. This especially holds true for the new generation of investors (18-35 years of age), who often turn to their friends for trustworthy sparring. 50% of young investors say that they discuss "all or most" of their investments with their closest friends. Today, this is done in closed WhatsApp groups with users dumping screenshots or sending third-party links. A truly shared investing experience? Difficult. Co-investing? Not possible. Not only has consumer behaviour changed, so has the financial building blocks. At Pluto we are building the leading investing app for friend-groups enabling them to collaborate, compete and co-invest powered by fractional shares and zero-commission trading. We firmly believe that social is the next disruptive wave which can unlock investing for even more people around the world and improve financial literacy. Join our mission!


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Joakim Bruchmann
Oscar Vingtoft
Chief Technical Officer