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PNOĒ is making cardio-metabolic analysis accessible to all


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PNOĒ has developed the first portable, low cost, and medical grade cardio-metabolic analyzer. Through a 10-minute breath test with the PNOĒ mask we offer you the most personalized diet and workout plan as well as a complete assessment of your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. Cardio-metabolic analysis is considered the most insightful non-invasive health assessment since it measures how the metabolic, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems operated individually but also in unison. However, despite its great utility in fitness and health, cardio-metabolic analysis has long been restricted to very few fitness and medical centers due to the cost, size, and complexity of traditional cardio-metabolic analyzers. PNOĒ is changing that with the first portable, low cost, and medical grade cardio-metabolic analyzer which comes with a data interpretation service, allowing anyone from a personal trainer to a cardiologist to apply cardio-metabolic analysis in his practice without the need for specialized skills. Our team has extensive experience in gas sensing technologies, cardio-metabolic analysis, nutrition and physical exercise prescription, cardiovascular & pulmonary disease diagnosis and hardware development (firmware, electrical engineering, mechanical design). We are on a mission to make cardio-metabolic analysis the health checkup of the future and we are excited to get in touch with anyone who believes he can help. Our initial approach was to start by making cardio-metabolic analysis accessible to the world of competitive fitness but very quickly saw great interest from the general population fitness and wellness market. As a result, our current focus is to offer cardio-metabolic analysis as a diet/physical exercise prescription as well cardiovascular/pulmonary disease prevention tool in fitness & wellness centers. In this direction, we are deploying PNOĒ in as many fitness & wellness centers as possible (i.e. gyms, boutique studios, private clinics, wellness retreats, corporate wellness centers etc.) so support through introductions and recommendations is highly appreciated. Areas of particular interest include: Health, wellness, fitness, wearables and gas sensing technologies.


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