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Security auditing for Web3


Remote / San Francisco, CA, USA / Toronto, ON, Canada
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B2B Software and Services, Security
Quantstamp has protected billions in digital assets from hackers on our mission to secure web3. As a global team of security professionals, we have honed our technology and expertise through hundreds of audits and gained the trust of our clients to keep their innovative products safe. In addition to providing an array of security services, we facilitate the growth and longevity of the web3 space through strategic investments and acting as a trusted advisor to help projects scale. Quantstamp is honored to have worked with some of the top projects in the industry including Aave, Compound, Maker, OpenSea, Polygon and many more. As the leading blockchain security company in this emerging industry, we are always looking for team members that love taking initiative and solving challenging problems. Join the team and help us secure the future of web3.


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Richard Ma