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Platform injectable gel based biotherapeutic for osteoarthritis


Galway, County Galway, Ireland
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Healthcare, Therapeutics
ReleviumBio is developing an injectable gel for knee osteoarthritis. Approximately half the population will be diagnosed with this pain and progressive disease. Right now, patients have to undergo not only repeat injections to control their pain, but also have to take strong oral medications. Because the disease is progressive and only gets worse over time, many patients end up on highly addictive, high-dose opioids. To date, we have secured $3.7 million in non dilutive funding and completed preclinical testing. We demonstrated that our drug is safe, selectively blocks nerves that transmit pain, and provides pain relief that lasts four times as long. My co-founder and I are Chemists with PhDs in Biomedical Engineering and we have an experienced leadership team already in place. Insurance currently pays $770 per six-monthly treatment for knee osteoarthritis. With 5 million patients in the US, this represents a $7.7 Bn market opportunity. This platform biotherapeutic can also be used to treat other joints affects by osteoarthritis such as the hip and ankle, where the same problems exist in treatment care.


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Alison Liddy
Barry McDermott