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San Jose, CA, USA / Remote
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B2B Software and Services
You’ll join the founding team and partner with our CEO Deb, a passionate Product leader and a Creator with 150,000 followers and CTO Danis, a serial entrepreneur, early Linkedin employee and experienced technology leader. Together, you’ll solve some of the biggest monetization challenges 50M+ creatives face today. We are reimagining how millions of creatives monetize their talent. Our target persona is the typical solopreneur - a true hustler, building a business to build financial independence, while learning to keep up with her growing number of leads, and balancing 10+ tools, priorities, client requests - and doing it all with a smile! That's not possible today - the sheer volume of manual tasks is overwhelming that she spends more time "managing" that "thriving". We want her to THRIVE. Our platform is designed in a way that not only solves her problems, it adds a sense of delight - a little spring in her step, an element of surprise and excitement, every time she logs into her Criya profile. We want her to feel Empowered. We want her to feel PUMPED about being the powerhouse she is. Do you need more reasons - well here you go: A fantastic opportunity to be a Leader (no one is going to get in your way) Already funded – We are backed by Y Combinator and top-tier Venture Capitalists (Funding details will be disclosed shortly) Esprit de corps – Once in a lifetime chance to be an early team member at a company that’s re-imagining a massive category


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Deboshree Dutta