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Curitiba, PR, Brazil
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B2B, Operations
Salvy is a mobile carrier for businesses in Brazil. Over 250 companies use Salvy to manage over 5,000 mobile lines, cutting costs by over 50%. The founders have worked many years together in Brazil's largest fintechs (Nubank and EBANX). Today, every carrier in Brazil has roughly the same network quality - it isn't a differentiator. If you're an IT manager who needs to deploy 2k lines, you want an integrated and seamless solution. You need to deploy this resource, fast. Salvy provides a software layer that makes deploying and managing mobile lines a fast and efficient process, integrated with HRIS, ERPs, and others. With our current ACV, if we tackle 10% of mid/large-size companies in Brazil, we get to $100M in ARR. A 1.3% market share of Brazil's B2B mobile telecom would represent a $100M ARR business. What we discovered is that IT managers also need this solution for their other resources such as SaaS, devices, and contracts. When delivering those, we get to billions. In four weeks, 32 companies used our AI invoice reader, adding up to 264k ARR opportunities. In Feb, we had 19 companies using our newly launched device management solution.


A list of all active founders
Hudo Assenco
Maria Eduarda Kumlehn
Artur Negrão
Lucas Rosa