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Healthcare Price Transparency APIs and Data Products


Los Angeles, CA, USA / Remote
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Healthcare, Healthcare Services
At Serif Health, we are taking the complexity out of the cost of healthcare. Our mission is to make healthcare pricing and contracting more transparent, easier to understand, fairer, and ultimately more affordable for all. New price transparency regulations have made a wealth of healthcare pricing and reimbursement data publicly available for the first time, but it is still extremely hard to ingest, organize, and actually use this data to understand the cost of care. That’s where we come in. Serif Health is building healthcare price intelligence data products and APIs to power the future of more transparent healthcare. We are an early-stage, venture-backed startup with a small, collaborative team of healthcare experts, engineers, and designers. We are excited to add new team members motivated by our mission, passionate about making a difference in healthcare, and looking forward to learning and growing from the challenges we will face along the way!


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Rafiq Ahmed
Matthew Robben