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San Francisco, CA, USA
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B2B Software and Services, Infrastructure
We’re on a mission to organize the world of NFTs and digital assets. SimpleHash allows web3 developers to query all NFT data from a single API. We index multiple blockchains, take care of edge cases, provide a rapid media CDN, and can be integrated in a few lines of code. NFTs are the fastest growing space within web3, yet it’s still far too hard for developers to embed NFTs into their apps. With NFT activity moving across chains, and NFTs being used for an exploding number of use cases, this complexity is only growing. We abstract away all this complexity, and allow our customers to focus on building best in class experiences for their end users. Join us if you're excited at being at the forefront of the NFT and web3 revolution.


A list of all active founders
Olly Wilson
Alex Kilkka