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Empowering consumer apps to support stickers in their chat.


Santa Monica, CA, USA / Santa Monica, CA, USA
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B2B, Engineering, Product and Design
Stipop is a sticker platform that helps app developers spice up their messaging and camera experiences with an easy-to-install sticker API. In just an hour, your app can support over 150,000 stickers with a fully customized UI, and in 3 months, you’ll see a 10%+ increase in user engagement. We source all stickers from our studio platform, where 5,000+ sticker creators from 35 countries are taking part actively, and they receive revenue shares from our paid API clients. We provide a sum of 150,000 stickers, one of the largest in the world, with a sticker search feature that supports 20+ languages and a trending stickers list feature that covers all seasons, categories, and styles. Being a part of Stipop - whether by using a sticker API, uploading a sticker pack, or sending a sticker - means taking part in making the online community more fun and creative space. Stipop has been invested by Snap (through Yellow Accelerator), Translink Investment, Strong Ventures, Lotte Group, and Sparklabs.


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Tony Park
Daniel Cho