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Highly Customizable Headless ERP


Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan / Remote
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B2B Software and Services
Tailor is a backend platform that helps enterprises build their tailor-made internal tools 10-times faster. **Team** Yo and Misato have previously built a retail-tech company together and sold it for $20M to Rakuten. Yo is a three-time-acquired serial entrepreneur with a McKinsey background. Misato is a previous head of R&D at Mercari. Tailor is the first YC company fully based in Japan. **The Problem** 70% of the Japanese 100 billion software market is spent on customized development! However, Japan is not alone when it comes to customizing the legacy ERP system in a large enterprise. Legacy, monolithic systems make it very difficult to customize and hard to integrate. Every time the company wants to change something, it becomes a huge project. On top of this, whether it’s from global or local vendors, most ERP users are frustrated with: - Clunky and complicated UI - Too many features that you’ll never use - Too less features that you actually need - Poor 3rd party integration options - No transparency / black box system - Just super expensive **The Solution** Why Headless? - With our headless product, the frontend is easy to customize for clients - API-first approach makes it easy to connect with other existing systems or 3rd party services What does it mean to our clients? - Faster development - Reduced maintenance cost - Well-documented backend APIs Tailor’s key capabilities: - GraphQL endpoint for flexible frontend development - Customizable data model templates to describe complex business logic of large enterprises - Customizable workflows depending on the client's specific business process - Directory service that can reflect complex organizational structure (e.g. matrix organization) to the workflow


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Yo Shibata
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Misato Takahashi