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Marketplace that matches talent to a company's needs.


Remote / Atherton, CA, USA
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B2B Software and Services, Recruiting and Talent
Talentdrop is turning recruiting into an open marketplace, where hiring companies post bounties for their open roles and any recruiter or other professional can collect it by referring a successful candidate. Companies get more people working on their hiring problem without having to pay more for it, and now anyone can earn big recruiting bonuses previously limited to a few firms. Professional recruiters can now monetize the excess candidate inventory created from their primary business. This is work they've already done but previously couldn't benefit from. Likewise, candidates won't have to start the vetting process over from scratch again and again since they'll be able to be referred with context and get warm intros into hot hiring companies that can be hard to access. Companies can also share candidates in a more efficient way (for example, Company A has two great product candidates but only one headcount - they can refer the second). Machine learning will help us make better hiring recommendations faster.


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Madeleine Nguyen
Janelle Tiulentino