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Plaid for Electric Vehicles


Bengaluru, KA, India
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B2B Software and Services, Engineering, Product and Design
Telematica is an API and data platform for Electric Vehicles. With Telematica, companies can access telematics, battery, and other mobility data as well as remotely control EV charging with a single standardized API. Globally, the electric vehicle market is exploding. Particularly in India, where more than 40% of the new automobile sales are expected to be electric by 2030! The thing that fascinates us is that virtually 100% of them are connected to the cloud, which captures and stores telematics, battery, and other mobility data. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for companies to interact with them as there is no user-friendly API or developer portal provided by any brand. For all of these vehicles, we create a single, standardized API. Here are some immediate use cases we are powering: 1. Smart route planning, to reduce range anxiety and save money by optimizing battery usage for EV owners. 2. Insurance companies use our telematics data to reward good drivers and also to assess battery degradation. 3. Finally, fleets are electrifying, necessitating centralized and remote monitoring. Our API enables this transition by providing a unified interface for all vehicles irrespective of brand. To sum up, the world is going electric and our API is going to power them all! 🚀


A list of all active founders
Abhishek Jain
Aditya Ketkar