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Data-Centric Co-Pilot for Computer Vision Engineers


Cambridge, England, United Kingdom / England, United Kingdom / Remote
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Tenyks (YC'S21) is a University of Cambridge spin-out inventing the intelligence that powers the AI revolution to protect the world from the Terminator. Imagine Snowflake for Vision, helping ML Engineers build better, safer models, in a faster and more efficient way. Specifically, our end-to-end platform is CV Engineers' Ultimate Productivity Tool to: 1. Automate Data Quality Detection: It streamlines the process of identifying and rectifying data quality issues, ensuring the integrity of your datasets. 2. Accelerate Data Curation: Our platform expedites the curation of similar images and objects, facilitating data collection and balancing. 3. Catalog Vast Datasets: With its flexibility, the platform allows you to efficiently index and catalogue extensive datasets. 4. Seamless CI/CD Integration: Tenyks effortlessly integrates with your CI/CD pipelines, reducing the risk of regressions and enhancing your development workflow. 5. Security & Scalability: Securely orchestrated in the cloud to foster seamless cross-team collaboration and scale to millions of images & hundred of millions of objects. The founders developed the technology (the result of 9 top-tier publications and a patented invention) during their PhD research in Safe & Explainable AI for Computer Vision.


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Botty Dimanov
Dmitry Kazhdan