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Modern cash collection for B2B businesses.


New York, NY, USA
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Fintech, Payments
Upflow is building high-quality software to help mid-market B2B companies improve their cash collection and grow profitably. B2B payment remains super painful for both suppliers and customers in 2023. Through a one-click integration with major financial software (Netsuite, Sage Intacct, Quickbooks) it provides finance and business teams with: 1. A better understanding of their cash collection performance through powerful analytics 2. An intuitive platform for all teams (finance, sales, success) to collaborate around cash collection, turning archaic spreadsheet processes into systematic, personalized cash collection processes. 3. A platform to bring modern payment methods to customers and recreate a consumer-like checkout experience with one click payment. Overall, Upflow drastically improve cash collection rates and turn revenues into cash in the bank faster, simpler. The best B2B tech companies, such as Front, Lattice, ProductBoard, rely on Upflow to manage their cash collection. If you're a CFO, Controller, or Finance Ops, check out our free Discover product to run an audit of your cash collection in 5 min: https://insights.upflow.io/en/discover-upflow


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Alex Louisy
Barnaby Malet