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Automate compliance. Simplify security. Demonstrate trust.


San Francisco, CA, USA / New York, NY, USA / Sydney, NSW, Australia / Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
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B2B, Security
Vanta was founded in 2018, in the wake of several high-profile data breaches that shook our collective faith in internet businesses. Online security was only becoming more important, but we knew firsthand how hard it could be for fast-growing companies to invest the time and manpower it takes to build a solid security foundation. From our early days of automating security monitoring for compliance standards like SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001, to pioneering a brand-new market as the leading Trust Management Platform, our vision to restore trust in internet businesses by enabling companies to improve and prove their security remains unchanged. Now more than ever, making security continuous—not just a point-in-time check— is essential. Vanta is the leading Trust Management Platform that helps simplify and centralize security for organizations of all sizes. Over 4,000 companies including Autodesk, Chili Piper, Flo Health and Quora, rely on Vanta to build, maintain and demonstrate their trust—all in a way that's real-time and transparent. Recently named the #1 Leader in G2's Winter 2023 Grid® Reports for Security Compliance, Vanta debuted a number of new product innovations over the last year, including Access Reviews which automates the once-manual, time-consuming access reviews process and an enhanced Risk Management solution allowing companies to holistically understand, prioritize, and reduce risks within their company to build a stronger security approach and demonstrate compliance. Vanta was built on the idea that software can be used to do amazing things for the world—if we trust it to do so. And we can’t do it alone. Come join us!


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Christina Cacioppo