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Identity and Risk Decision Platfrom for Indonesia


Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
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B2B, Engineering, Product and Design
Verihubs is an Identity and Risk Decision Platform for Indonesia. We have helped more than 290 leading enterprises/startups in multiple sectors including banks, fintech, e-commerce, insurance and other digital sectors to prevent fraud occurrences. Ranked #1 in Indonesia by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in terms of performance and accuracy, our AI-based face recognition (FR) technology became a staple in fraud prevention in this new era of digital acceleration. Our solutions have been trusted by BCA—the largest private bank in Indonesia, IFG (one of the largest state-owned insurance), Commonwealth Bank, Maybank, Bukalapak, FAZZ, ULA, and many other industry leaders. The pandemic has accelerated the digital development and adoption of products, services, and processes by 4-7 years according to recent studies. However, the verification solutions and related data to meet these digital needs are still so behind the ideal mark. We at Verihubs are on a mission to build an all-inclusive automated and instant verification platform for Indonesia.


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Rick Firnando