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The Fastest Scientific Computing Platform on the Planet


Redwood City, CA, USA / Mountain View, CA, USA
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Industrials, Manufacturing and Robotics
Many pressing problems facing humanity can be solved with faster scientific compute. Currently, it takes billions of dollars to design and develop a new fusion reactor, a hyper-sonic airplane or a new cancer treatment. This is because scientists and engineers have to build very expensive things before they even know if their ideas work. But what if we can simulate the workings of these ideas (and more) on computers first and have high confidence that it works before we build really expensive things? The work of humanity's greatest scientists over the years has given us the physics and math to do this. The problem is that we simply do not have the computing power to solve these big problems. To address this, the Vorticity Inc is re-imagining scientific computing all the way down to processor architecture and system design. Our proven technology is already helping the energy, life sciences and aerospace industries.


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Chirath Neranjena