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Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
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Fintech, Credit and Lending
Under "Buy Now, Pay Later" business model, Wibond is a 100% flexible digital payment method enabling the 200 million underbanked consumers without credit cards to shop online for the first time. We integrate directly into the purchase flow of online merchants, and we offer consumers a credit, when they have already made up their mind that they want to acquire a specific product. We provide financial and digital access to a large community of people offering payment options according to their possibilities and profile. Wibond is an inclusive and simple solution: - Consumers can create their free account to quickly access and pay without banks, in installments, and without a card. - Merchants with e-commerce channels increase their sales and integrate Wibond in a very agile way by offering a new form of payment and expanding their markets. We’re also integrated in the purchase flow of more than 500 merchants, including Samsung, Musimundo (one of the Biggest retailers in LATAM) , and Motorola. And up to 65% of the payment transactions on these sites go through us.


A list of all active founders
Ezequiel Bucai
Lucrecia Porta