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Open-source platform to turn scripts into internal apps & workflows


Paris, Île-de-France, France / Remote
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B2B, Infrastructure
Windmill is an open-source developer platform to quickly build production-grade multi-step internal apps, workflows and integrations from minimal Python and Typescript scripts. Open-source alternative to Airplane and Pipedream. Simplified temporal with automatic app generation. Usable as a self-hosted AWS Lambda. Sync your scripts from your github repo or write them directly on Windmill, have them be converted to apps and no-code modules automatically. Use those apps as standalone or, build powerful flows using either those scripts or scripts made by the community on hub.windmill.dev. The experience is similar to no-code tools except that at any point, any module can have its code inspected and tweaked. Leveraging the open-source community, we will build an exhaustive library of scripts for all apis and generic tasks. You may also wrap Windmill with your own frontend to provide automation as a feature on top of your own SaaS. Focus on your business logic for all kind of flows, Windmill is the platform to build, share and run them.


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Ruben Fiszel