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Storefronts on WhatsApp in Southeast Asia


Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Remote
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B2B Software and Services
Yezza makes it easy for small businesses in SE Asia to create storefronts on WhatsApp. Our MRR is $40K with $3M monthly GMV, from 1500 orders every day. We are profitable. Not only for selling goods & products, Yezza also built features to fit with many use cases in WhatsApp Commerce. For example, social media influencers use Yezza to deal with brands using WhatsApp. We found that customers also make table reservations through WhatsApp. Merchants pay us $12 per month & up to $0.25 per order. With 50M WhatsApp Business downloads in SE Asia, this creates a $7.2B market opportunity. Interestingly, a similar buying-via-WhatsApp behavior exists in Latin America & Africa. Previously, we bootstrapped a tech-enabled travel company to $12M in annual revenue, by selling travel packages using WhatsApp. We built & used this product for 4 years in our previous company. During COVID19, we offshoot it to become a standalone business called Yezza. Yezza is now backed by Y Combinator & angel who worked at Facebook/WhatsApp.


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Wan Aizuddin
Ammar Roslizar