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Immediate stroke detection at home


Redwood City, CA, USA
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Healthcare, Medical Devices
Zeit Medical leverages the power of AI and wearable sensors to deliver peace of mind for those affected by stroke. Zeit’s smart headband immediately detects the onset of stroke and notifies 911. Each year more than 90% of the one million strokes in the US go untreated, resulting in life-long disability and exploding medical costs north of $100b. The lack of timely treatment is the result of delays in alerting the emergency services. More than 10 million Americans with an elevated stroke risk live with constant fear that a stroke may go unnoticed for hours, while they are asleep or alone. The company was founded by Orestis Vardoulis PhD a biomedical & mechanical engineer and expert in digital health (EPFL/Stanford) and Urs Naber MD a critical care physician (Dartmouth/Stanford). They have both seen the devastating effects of stroke in their families and came up with the idea of addressing this unmet clinical need during their Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship.


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Orestis Vardoulis
Urs Naber