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What used to be an integral part of the American Dream, or at least a check mark on the way to adulthood, is now well beyond reach for many of us. And nobody bears the brunt of the current housing crisis more than young folks, who, compared to their parents and grandparents, find themselves saddled with more debt and in possession of fewer assets. But it doesn't have to be this way. At ZeroDown, we're driven by the radical idea that professionals with steady jobs and healthy finances should be able to afford homes - even in San Francisco. That's why we've come up with an alternative to the rent-or-own dilemma, offering the benefits of homeownership with the flexibility of renting. Here's how it works: 1. ZeroDown buys your home Choose any home on the market. We'll make an all cash offer on your behalf. 2. Build towards ownership A portion of your payment goes toward building ownership in your home. 3.You control when you buy Put the purchase-credits that you've built up towards buying your home from ZeroDown.


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